Hands on Vascular and General Ultrasound Cross Training

HDR Carotid

We offer hands-on scan lab general and vascular training provided by registered Sonographers on both weekdays and also weekends. Expand your horizon and obtain additional ultrasound training and sit for an additional board exam. Sonographers trained in multiple ultrasound modalities are in better position for job advancement as the field and job market evolve.

This program is for  Sonographers and other health care professionals learning general or  vascular ultrasound  cross training.

Book suggested:  Techniques in Non Invasive Vascular Diagnosis. 3rd edition by Robert.J Daigle ( not a requirement).

For more information and registration please contact: Abed Karamti at  810-931-1310. Email: ultrasoundsc@gmail.com 


Training Schedule

You can sign up and start your classes at any time of your convenience.  We are very flexible:  we set your schedule for cross training based on your free time.


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Tel: 810-931-1310
Email: ultrasoundsc@gmail.com

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